DIY christmas trees



Last picture comes from: Seventy-nine ideas

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your christmas table this year look no further than these small cardboard trees inspired by Soffa Magazine. This is by far one of the easiest DIYs I have ever done.

All you need is:

White cardboard

A pencil


A ruler

To make one christmas tree:

Using a ruler and pencil draw an outline of a christmas trees making sure that all the edges are reasonably straight. Using your scissors, cut the christmas tree out and then use it as a stencil to draw the next one and then cut the second tree out (this is so that both tree cut-outs are the same shape).

Once you have both of the tree cut-outs, cut a straight line half-way through the middle one of the christmas tree cut-outs (from the top of the tree to the middle).

Using the other tree cut-out cut a straight line from the bottom of the tree roughly two-thirds of the way up.

Assemble the two pieces together and you’re done!

If you have the time and patience make several of these in different sizes and scatter them as a centrepiece on your table.

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