DIY book sculptures


Book sculptures have been a favourite styling piece among several scandinavian interior stylists the last few seasons, but you would be surprised how easy they are to make. I have probably made about 10-15 in total and have used them as styling pieces on my shelf, desk, or windowsill.

All you need is:

Old books (I tend to use thick paperback books)


If you have some spare time this weekend, why not give it a go. The “diamond” book sculpture is the easiest to make: simply fold each page in the book the exact same way (as pictured below). If you want to, have a go at the other book sculpture (what I refer to as) the “Sydney Opera House” sculpture – simply fold every second page in half (as pictured below)

I would recommend starting from the front to the back. You can either cut the covers off the books or leave them on.

DSC_1356Diamond Book Sculpture pattern

DSC_1345Sydney Opera House book sculpture pattern

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