Latest purchase: summer slippers




Since last summer I have been thinking about a pair of birkenstocks, but I am always unconvinced. Whilst they look super comfortable, I can’t picture them with any of my summer dresses…. However the style has always struck me, so I went for these simple slip on flats instead! What do you think, have you invested in the birkenstock trend yet?



Nude Wind It Sandals available here.

         miranda birkenstockScreen-shot-2013-03-14-at-7.39.24-PM-e1363304954804Celine-birkenstock-full-look-636x954

Source from top: Studded Hearts, Arty FillesStyle FrizzGirl of a Certain AgeManrepeller.

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12 thoughts on “Latest purchase: summer slippers

  1. It’s funny – are Birks back in style again? My mom had a pair back in the 80’s and I thought I would die of embarrassment. Then I found myself wearing them in college in the early 90’s, and here we are again – I think they’d be cute with jeans, not sure about dresses – and the rest of your outfit can’t be too hippy-esque. They look great in all those photos. I’m inspired!

  2. I don’t know how I feel about them. I like your version though because you can where them with anything without that “hippie-all-i-wear-are-birkenstocks” look from people lol

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