Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration

Pics from: Trendenser; collage by me.

I am so looking forward to my apartment getting renovated next year! One of the things I am truly looking forward to is finally getting white walls in the bedroom. Currently I have beige wallpaper which I am not overly fond of! But this is exactly how I want my bedroom to look like – grey and white bedding, a lamp or two, a graphic print, and a vase with some clippings of greenery from outside. I dont like having too many things in the bedroom so I try to keep it as simple as possible.Bedroom GTLAbove I have gathered a few of my favourite items which can help you achieve the look for less.

1. “g” graffic print from Playtype (from the grey collection) available at Artilleriet

2. Cage Lamp from Artilleriet

3. Linen bedding from H&M home

4. Ball vase from J-Levau Shop

What is your idea of the perfect bedroom?

xx J

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