Wardrobe Wishlist

wardrobe wishlistSo I know that my wishlist is very monochrome and practical but this is all I feel like wearing in Stockholm at the moment – Grey, black, and a tiny bit of gold!

1. Grey cashmere scarf from & other stories

2. Black shoulder bag from Filippa k

3. Gold circle necklace from & other stories

4. Black shoulder bag from & other stories

5. Black wool coat from & other stories

6. Ipad mini case from & other stories

7. Track boots from Acne

8. Gold rings from & other stories

9. Jeans from Gina tricot

10. Grey coat from Weekday collection

Are you wishing for any new additions to your wardrobe this christmas?

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7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wishlist

  1. This looks like my wish list too. There is something so timeless and effortless about a muted neutral wardrobe! Love & Other Stories, and in an ideal world, my wardrobe would be Acne everything. Just got to win the lottery πŸ˜‰ haha!

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