Interior wishlist

Wishlist Interior 1I thought I would share with you guys some of the things that are on my (interior) wishlist for this christmas! A wardrobe wishlist is coming up soon!

1. Medicine Jar from Granit

A great little jar which can be used as a vase, kept in the bathroom to store cotton pads or vitamins, or just sit on the shelf and look pretty. You can probably find these in second hand shops or flea markets too!

2. Hand Balm from & other stories

Has been on my wishlist for a while but have been trying to use up my other hand lotions first. The texture of the balm is heaven for your hands especially during winter. I am a sucker for packaging too and I absolutely love the simple yet eye-catching packaging as well.

3. Candle stick from Hay

This candle stick from Danish brand – Hay, has only been on my wishlist for ages. I think it will fit perfectly on my dining room table, coffee table or shelf.

4. Rectangular tray table from Hay

I really need a new coffee table as my current one from Ikea has seen better days. Thought I would wait to save up for the perfect one though! This is my current favourite.

5. It’s Not How Good You are, it’s How Good You Want to be Book by Paul Arden

I have to admit I am not one to pick up self-help books but I have heard great stuff about this book and feel like I am in need of an inspiration boost!

6. Graffic print by Playtype

Still in love with typography! I think the “g” print would fit perfectly in my living room.

7. Scissors from Artilleriet

Desperately need a new pair of scissors and these are the most beautiful pair I have ever seen. No need to hide these away in the desk drawer.

8. Waldersten 365 Book by Jesper Waldersten.

A beautiful book packed full of art inspiration and a great decoration piece also.

What is on your wishlist for Christmas this year?

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