The difficult boyfriend

Despite their casual appearance, boyfriend jeans are notoriously hard to wear and can be terribly unflattering on even the tallest of the tall. Then why, you may ask, would we stock such an item in our store? Because! When done properly, they look amazing, provide a welcome break from a black skinny leg jean, and instantly adds interest to even the most basic outfit – Daria looks great here with just a basic white singlet:


Northern Collective Store

Need more convincing? We have compiled some inspiration from a few of our favourites, who dress them up and manage to look effortlessly put together. If this is all too much, we think they also look pretty great dressed down with a pair of Converse.

Tell us – how would you wear these Cheap Monday Boyfriend Jeans?

columbine smille 6

Source: Columbine Smille

boyfriend jeans

Source: Tuula Vintage

converse BF jean

Source: Dreslyn

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