Christmas decorating

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I know that I am probably a bit late to be posting on christmas and christmas decoration but I thought I would just share my thoughts when it comes to decorating for the festive season. This year I have not bought many christmas decorations to be honest but have preferred to buy a few simple decorations but have used them in a more creative way.

For example, rather than hanging my christmas lights up I have placed them in a punch bowl, and rather than planting my hyacinth (a flower affiliated with christmas in Sweden) in a pot, I have placed it in a mini jar. As much as I love christmas I think most of us get a bit carried away with the commercialism and end up with a lot of “christmas” things that do not get a lot of use.  How have you guys decorated for christmas this year?

xx J

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3 thoughts on “Christmas decorating

  1. I agree. I try to steer away from decorations that scream Christmas. My newest favorite ‘Christmas’ decoration which I plan on actually using all year round are actual ribbons with LED lights. I put them in glass bowls or vases and voilà, instant chic decor!

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