All in the details


Since I have been travelling between Australia and Sweden for the last several years it has not been practical for me to buy things for the home and properly “nest” in either Australia or Sweden. So since I moved back to Stockholm five months ago (for the foreseeable future) I have started thinking alot about how I want my apartment to look and feel, and have started investing a bit of money into my home.

I am really a minimalist at heart and want my apartment to have primarily a white and black base, but for me it is “all in the details” – eye-catching lampshades, usual candle sticks, beautiful design books, graphic cushions, black and white photography, and quirky personal items. I especially love raw and natural materials that age well such as wood, copper, concrete and marble.

The pictures above come from two of my favourite interior blogs: and

If you are like me and have developed a newfound taste for interior design check out these blogs and be inspired!!!

xx J

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One thought on “All in the details

  1. Thank you for liking my post.
    My personal “style” is what you would call cluttered eclectic and I could use a bit of your minimalist influence. Your home looks quite stunning.

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